Exclusive Services

We offer exclusive services in our luxury Spa

Cabin rental

Cabin rental 1 hour – 50€

Party and single parties

Organize your own event, birthday or single party.

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Outcalls and Hotels

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Shishas (strawberry, melon, mint, mojito, kiwi).

Our shishas are made with natural coconut coal of the best quality. This coal is the best for many reasons. It does not carry external agents that turn it on automatically, to light it you need a stove and the experience is completely different. The bowl gives more heat, therefore more flavor and more smoke, lasts longer and above all it does not taste or smell like “strange” things.

The Natura Spa Team encourages you to enjoy new experiences with the best shishas on the market!

Prize: 20€

Parking right at the entrance.
Orden your fidelity card
We accept VISA/MASTERCARD payment.

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